Toshiba NB505 n500BL(D3), aftermarket nvidia ion possible?

First off, and quickly, u guys on this website are amazing really...

okay, so i have a nb505 n500bl which i take around to go study cuz its awesomely light and has super battery life... BUT ... i can't stream or platy HD videos the graphics card sucks so much. apparently the topline 505 comes with nvidia ion2 which allows this... (i'm not trying to play games, i got a laptop and desktop at home) i just was wondering if i could install the nvidia ion 2 or any other gpu to allow it to stream videos?
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  1. Unfortunately everything in your netbook is embedded so there is no chance of upgrading it! Sell it and buy a better one is the only solution!
  2. i had a feeling that was the case, thanks for the quick reply!
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