Prebuilt vs New build(info inside) help :(

I love gaming and I want to buy a new gaming PC...but since i live in Azerbaijan,it's a big headache
all we have in native stores are nothing better than core2duo CPUs
I can find some decent parts here,but it's expensive by more than 50-100$ comparing to US prices
I have some acquainted people in US who can buy from Newegg and ship to me,but it's like a lottery for me,because if i'll get even 1 part defective,i can't ship it back to US for RMA
So i think i need help deciding...these are the choices i can choose:
1)Ship parts from US(with more than 50% risk of DOA)
2)ship something like alienware x51 or a small PC you suggest from US(Less capacity means less shipping cost and taxes)
3)Go with a laptop from my country(since the best laptop decision i can make with my budget has GT525M,it's not a good gaming choice)
4)Buy some crappy parts from my country(it's too sad for me)
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  1. Help please,i need help ASAP
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