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I had a question regarding graphic cards (which I don't know anything about). I'm currently try to see if I can run a computer game (Star Wars: The Old Republic) with a required Intel 4100 Integrated Graphics or better, but my graphic card is an Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset. Is this sufficient or is it time to upgrade?

If so I have a inspirion slim with a 250 PSU. What low profile graphics cards would be the best?

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  1. You can install a Radeon HD 6570.
  2. Will this work with a 250 Watt power supply?
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    You should be fine. In a test rig with a Core i7 920 @3.3GHz and the HD 6570, total power consumption worked out to 197w when playing Crysis. Your system should have lower power requirements. Additionally, Dell generally under rates their PSUs as a safety measure. The PSU can probably produce 5% - 10% more power than what it is rated for.

    The Radeon HD 5570 is a safer bet if you are worried.
  4. Very helpful, thanks! So I take it there is no chance that my integrated graphics card would do the job, correct?
  5. What is the difference between that one and this:
  6. Get that one no problem, I just like the design of the msi card. It looks like twin frozer.
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