Can an AMD 1045T be overclocked?

I have an HP desktop that now has a blown motherboard. My plan is to trash as much of the OEM stuff as possible and start salvaging parts. I'm keeping the CPU (AMD Phenom II 1045T), 1 TB HDD and optical drive. I want to take the 1045T (along with the salvaged parts listed above) and build a cheap gaming computer around it. My question is can the 1045 be overclocked at all even though it's not a Black Edition class CPU?
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  1. Yes it can by tweaking the fsb!
  2. By how much though? Is it like Intel CPU's where non k versions can only be overclocked a few hundrerd MHz or can it be heavily overclocked?
  3. Depending on motherboard it can usually be overclocked substantially even 3.5GHz would not be out of the picture!
  4. Wow I thought I would be lucky to get a few hundred MHz if I could get it into the 3.4-3.5 range that would be great. The only problem I'm seeing is finding a good motherboard. There doesn't seem to be alot of AM3's left and trying to find one that allows for heavy overclocking is going to make it even harder.
  5. Asrock 970 Extreme4. Fairly good overclocker and isn't that expensive. Also, it's possible to get 4GHz. Not very hard. Pretty common.
  6. Please pick a best answer to close the thread as it helps the mods out a lot.
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