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Good morning to all,

I'm building a pro audio pc and would like some advice on which way to go. I was about to purchase an FX-8150, but after researching benchmarks I found it not to be the right choice. The intel processors won a lot of the bench marks not related to gaming. I am not a gamer! I will never game, well maybe solitaire when i'm bored j/k. I need a processor that will allow me to use my DAW and VST plugins seamlessly without lag.

Do I need an I7 2600K or will an I5 2500K be more than enough?

Does the mhz of the ram matter? 1333, 1600, 1866?

Does the video card matter? The sole purpose would be for dual monitors.

Do I need to overclock?

Am I overlooking AMD?

Is it better to stay with Windows XP or can I finally move to WIN7?

SSD a good idea to load the program files in?

Do I need one of those "sound blaster" cards or is it a different sound card I need in general?

I know that this is a long post but your help would be greatly appreciated thanks!
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  1. Core I7 2600k (you wont regret it)

    Not so much the mhz rather than the comparability between DDR2 and DDR3

    A decent GPU will help with process and rendering in a GUI intensive environment

    Depends on whether you feel the need too

    Id do some research into AMD vs Intel (try to avoid the flame war forums)

    Depends if the software you plan to use is compatible

    SSD is the future, Get it if you can

    Sound blaster is a very good sound card although not a necessity
  2. My answers are in chronological order according to your own questions in case you were confused =P
  3. :) At first I was like huh?? But a few seconds later i got it thanks. So for what I'm doing I7 2600K would definitely make a difference over the I5 2500K?
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  5. I forgot to mention that I'm coming from a family HP pc with a C2DUO E7200 2.53ghz with 4GB ddr 2 WINXP. I'm pretty sure that anything would be a significant leap I just don't want to over spend if i don't need to. If I7 is what I need then so be it but if i was able to get by with my C2DUO (with a lot of lagging loading vsts), what will a I7 2600K with 8GB ddr 3 do for me that an I5 2500K won't? Thanks again.
  6. whats your budget?
    we will make you a list of compatible components that will fit your bill.
  7. I kinda have all the other components figured out already, I just to know which CPU I should go with. I'm stuck between I7 2600k & I5 2500k . so far my build includes:

    (insert processor here)

    Thermaltake TRX-650M 650watts modular

    Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3 1600mhz

    Corsair 120GB Force GT Series SATA III SSD

    XFX Radeon HD 6770 1GB GDDR5 (just in case I want to go with 3 monitors)

    Cooler Master V8 CPU Fan

    Seagate 2TB LP Serial

  8. I'll be using:



    other sound banks etc...

    other programs like Virtual DJ
  9. the difference between the 2500k and 2600k is the second cpu supports hyper threading so you will see 8 cores in a task manager while having 4 physical cores

    i would spend the extra 100 and go to the 2600k
  10. And for what i'm doing, i will take advantage of hyper threading?
  11. What's wrong with building a regular mid spec machine and adding the sound card?

    I work with music desktops as part of my job. I don't see any of our machines running i7s and 16gb ram.

    Ours have dual monitor GPUs (mostly low-end nVidia cards) and either M-boxes or M-audio PCI cards.

    None of them have Creative Cards.

    Use windows 7 (of course) if your software is supported, or buy 7 Pro if you have any worries.

    What sound card did you have on your old PC?
  12. I agree going with the quad core i7 will be a better investment. As you add more plug-ins & fx to your tracks, you will need every bit of horsepower available. I have been using a 2007 MBPro 2.2 dual core & I am seriously thinking of doing the same thing you are about to do. Good luck and please post the total package with prices as. I'd love to see what your budget is looking like. Ps. How do you like FL Studio? I run Logic Pro & Pro Tools 9 on my Mac, but looking at different options now.
    Best of luck
  13. Hey guys, I'll introduce myself before I begin with the questions. My name is Zach, and I love music. My influences range from Floyd, hendrix, and Neil Young all the way to Eminem, Mac Miller, and blink 182. I've been looking into buying a laptop for recording and mixing audio, basically I want to create music. Truth be told, I am a newbie. I've been reading all about processors, rams, and hhds and sdds, and it's all a bit overwhelming. I guess that's why I'm here haha.
    Anyways, what I'm asking is what would you guys recommend for starting out? I need a laptop, not a desktop because it will likely be used for school papers and whatnot in addition to audio mixing. I want a PC because I don't think I've ever touched a Mac in my life haha. I understand that I'll need a pretty decent processor, along with 2gb+ of ram, and a decent sized hard drive (I'm still a bit vague on all the terminology so feel free to correct me). I will be a broke college freshman in the fall, so I need to have a budget.
    What comes after the computer? Like what are some recommended softwares that I should install? I think this is where the actual DAW comes into play?
    And how do I create the actual musical sounds? I think this is what a MIDI controller is for? But some softwares have a built in midi type thing?
    Basically what I'm looking to create is a kind of new age sound, similar to awolnation, alt J, those type of artists, but still unique.
    Also I've heard that building your own computer is significantly cheaper than buying one from best buy. I've never worked on computers, but I can learn. So if anyone else has worked on computers and would recommend building one to save money, that is also a viable option.
    Sorry for the lengthy post, but I need to be thorough!
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