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What is the Difference between 1gb GPU and a

I know a little about the one GB GPU and the two GB GPU. I know there isn't much difference with added 2GB. This what I would like to know.

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    The higher the resolution the bigger texture the card has to store in the ram! The general consensus is that there is no real benefit from the more ram in single monitor gaming as can be seen here in test of HD6950 only at extremely high resolution is a slight benefit in min fps,3041-13.html
    It is though only comparable between cards with the same GPU.
  2. only really useful above 1080p resolution, most useful in dual gpu setups running multiple monitors. although it may be no benefit now, think to the future, games are approaching the 1gb ram limit now, so if your buying a high end card and want it to last, spend the extra $$ to get the 2gb version. For mid range and low end cards, it is really pointless, since they are too slow to process all that data and higher resolutions anyway.
  3. At 1920 x 1200 or below, 1 GB is enough.....
  4. Thank you for your answers. You guys are good teachers and I respect that and as I aspire to learn I count on you guys for the help,

    I know I am not perfect and I make mistakes and I learn by my mistakes that is why I ask these quistions so to get it right. Thank you very much.
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