Will 650 W be enough for this system?

I've just ordered my new system and it will be like this.

FX 8150 with evo 212 cooler
ASUS 990 fx Sabertooth
2*4gb corsair vengeance
evga geforce 560ti
2 sata hdd
4 case fan
24X DVD burner

I'm planning to overclock around 4.6... My power supply model is CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX650 V2 650W.

First I though it would enough since I'm not planning SLI. However, I found out that FX 8150 cpu consumes a lot of watts when overclocked.

I appreciate your help in advance!
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  1. As long as its a good brand power supply (Corsair are) then it will be fine.
  2. It's plenty and enough for 2 560ti's!
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