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Case and PSU for $160. building soon plz help

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May 27, 2012 3:45:00 AM

Hello everyone.

I have $160 left for my build to spend on a case and a PSU.

I have decided to go with OCZ Technology 750 Watt Fatal1ty Series for $80

picked this PSU cuz of brand and the red LED that I want for the whole case.

which leaves me with $80 to spend on the case.
I want:
  • painted interior
  • easy cable management for a complete noob (my first build)
  • a nice aggressive look. don't suggest cases that look like a damn flat box.
  • good air flow because i will OC
  • must fit 7850 (the asus version), and after market CPU coolers when i get one in the future.
  • ]side window because again i don't want a flipin box and if am spending $900 on a PC i want to see what I spent it on damn it!!!
  • and lastly red led fans (for reasons refer to above)
  • Not sure if i need USB 3.0 in front panel but it would be a plus

    now unless u suggest a case that makes me go OMG OMG :pt1cable:  must have I would like to stay w/ in that $80 (or $160 PSU and case) so dont suggest anything above $100 (if ur not changing the PSU).

    my system specs are:
    3570K, HD 7850, 120Gb SSD, asrcok z77 extreme 4, crucial 8GB 1600. yes i will OC

    am open to changing my PSU and even buying a case (NOT A DAMN BOX!!!!) and putting my own red LED fans in it but at this point am lost and need help putting that together for the money that i have.

    Any help is much appreciated so thank you in advance.
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    May 27, 2012 4:36:00 AM

    If you're willing to spend 20 bucks more on the case, pick this one :
    It's damn good looking, has a side window and plenty of pretty LED's. It also has good cooling power, thanks to 3 120 mm fans and 1 200 mm fan, and it has plenty of space for your 7850.
    Here's another case, it's slightly better and it has red LED's, which you preferred :
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    a c 266 ) Power supply
    May 27, 2012 4:48:52 AM

    ^ This is right on. You only need a 550w power supply and the Antec is a bit better than that OCZ even though the OCZ is good enough to recommend.

    The Antec 1100 has amazing reviews about how well it cools.
    May 27, 2012 9:23:38 AM

    Thank you to everyone for your input. The storm Enforcer seems to have everything I want rly including the optional us 3.0 in the front. but what do you guys think of a case like NZXT Guardian

    Also I see alot of websites recommending the OCZ 750 Watt Fatal1ty but a lot of ppl hating on it. so whats the deal with that? Again I like it due to various sites rec and the red led which will go with the rest of my case. I also thought 750 W would be better when i OC or grab extra stuff for my PC.

    but then again am pretty much a noob at this, and the whole 12v and rails stuff is always thrown out so casually without explanation. So if you could further help me in that matter i would be grateful.
    a c 266 ) Power supply
    May 27, 2012 1:31:53 PM

    The OCZ Fatal1ty 750 is a good power supply. It's made by Sirtec and gets a HardwareSecrets Golden award.

    The Antec HCG 620 recommended by amuffin is also a great power supply. It's made by Seasonic and while not reviewed by HardwareSecrets it does get a 9+ from HardwareHeaven. Most people think Seasonic makes the best consumer power supplies overall.

    As stated above you don't need even close to a 750w power supply unless you plan on running 2 xHD 7850s in Corssfire. 550 watts is fine for a system with any single graphics card. A single HD 7850 only needs a 450w power supply as recommended by AMD and that assumes a generic middling quality unit.

    If you want an excellent red themed case the Antec DF 85 is worth considering. It's expensive but is on a great sale right now. I have the similar Antec 1200 and it's an amazing case. The DF 85 is newer and has some really cool features not found on my 1200.
    a c 158 ) Power supply
    May 27, 2012 1:43:44 PM

    You don't even need a 750W for CF of the 7850s. A system with a 7850 uses about 250W at full load and that's with a highly overclocked, power-hungry i7-965; Nubzy's efficient 3570K with a moderate OC to 4.5 will consume less power. The XFX Core 550w with 44A on the 12V rail is enough for a CF of 7850s and a moderate OC.

    Edit: Link to power consumption of HD7850:
    a c 111 ) Power supply
    May 27, 2012 10:23:24 PM

    I've got the HCG 620 myself, (non modular) it's a great power supply. No problems yet! :D