Case and PSU for $160. building soon plz help

Hello everyone.

I have $160 left for my build to spend on a case and a PSU.

I have decided to go with OCZ Technology 750 Watt Fatal1ty Series for $80

picked this PSU cuz of brand and the red LED that I want for the whole case.

which leaves me with $80 to spend on the case.
I want:
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  1. If you're willing to spend 20 bucks more on the case, pick this one :
    It's damn good looking, has a side window and plenty of pretty LED's. It also has good cooling power, thanks to 3 120 mm fans and 1 200 mm fan, and it has plenty of space for your 7850.
    Here's another case, it's slightly better and it has red LED's, which you preferred :
  2. ^ This is right on. You only need a 550w power supply and the Antec is a bit better than that OCZ even though the OCZ is good enough to recommend.

    The Antec 1100 has amazing reviews about how well it cools.
  3. Seeing as how you're wanting red fans, maybe a Storm or Scout:
    (Two days left for promo code)
  4. Thank you to everyone for your input. The storm Enforcer seems to have everything I want rly including the optional us 3.0 in the front. but what do you guys think of a case like NZXT Guardian

    Also I see alot of websites recommending the OCZ 750 Watt Fatal1ty but a lot of ppl hating on it. so whats the deal with that? Again I like it due to various sites rec and the red led which will go with the rest of my case. I also thought 750 W would be better when i OC or grab extra stuff for my PC.

    but then again am pretty much a noob at this, and the whole 12v and rails stuff is always thrown out so casually without explanation. So if you could further help me in that matter i would be grateful.
  5. The OCZ Fatal1ty 750 is a good power supply. It's made by Sirtec and gets a HardwareSecrets Golden award.

    The Antec HCG 620 recommended by amuffin is also a great power supply. It's made by Seasonic and while not reviewed by HardwareSecrets it does get a 9+ from HardwareHeaven. Most people think Seasonic makes the best consumer power supplies overall.

    As stated above you don't need even close to a 750w power supply unless you plan on running 2 xHD 7850s in Corssfire. 550 watts is fine for a system with any single graphics card. A single HD 7850 only needs a 450w power supply as recommended by AMD and that assumes a generic middling quality unit.

    If you want an excellent red themed case the Antec DF 85 is worth considering. It's expensive but is on a great sale right now. I have the similar Antec 1200 and it's an amazing case. The DF 85 is newer and has some really cool features not found on my 1200.
  6. You don't even need a 750W for CF of the 7850s. A system with a 7850 uses about 250W at full load and that's with a highly overclocked, power-hungry i7-965; Nubzy's efficient 3570K with a moderate OC to 4.5 will consume less power. The XFX Core 550w with 44A on the 12V rail is enough for a CF of 7850s and a moderate OC.

    Edit: Link to power consumption of HD7850:
  7. I've got the HCG 620 myself, (non modular) it's a great power supply. No problems yet! :D
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