Could GTX 460 SLI last me a few years for gaming?

I rather not spend lots of money on a GTX 500 when i could upgrade my aging dual core setup. I was wondering if I just get a
core i5 setup with an additional GTX 460 1gb for sli if those graphic cards could hold up to the latest gaming on max settings in 1080p.
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  1. It will still be a powerful setup close to a single GTX580! How long it lasts is going to be based on the user demands!
  2. An SLI 460 should last you a number of years. Just make sure you constantly update your drivers. The beta drivers tend to have more SLI fixes
    It'll be nearly as powerful as a GTX 580

    If you can, i'd wait buying a CPU until Ivy Bridge comes out this spring. Its Intel's next CPU after the current Sandy Bridge processors.
  3. But im guessing those would be in the 400 dollar range when an i5 2500k is $200 right now and possibly cheaper when the next generation comes out.
  4. Well, I'm a GTX 460 SLI owner.
    It could last few years, it only depends how picky you're.
    With 2600k + SLI GTX 460

    I CAN'T (all with 1680x1050):
    Max Metro 2033 (with or without 3D Vision)
    Batman Arkham City DX11 with Physx max (with 3D Vision)
    Witcher 2 with ubersampling. (with or without 3D Vision)

    There's some games that I can't max already, hard to tell the games to come.
    If you not that picky, yes, it will last couple years
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