Using HDTV for PC gaming

i'm looking into getting a new HDTV and i'm considering using it for gaming with a new high end computer (like the $1000 or $2000 SBM builds) that i plan on building exclusively for gaming.

do HDTVs work well for gaming on PCs? are there any specific considerations when buying a new TV for PC gaming? some things i've been reading about which i'm looking for recommendations on:

- LCD/LED vs plasma
- optimal screen size
- refresh rate considerations?
- "game mode" recommended?
- best HDTV brand/model for PC gaming

thank you in advance!
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  1. For me i used my friends tv for gaming alot during college.

    And i can tell you since we were poor drunk college kids our choices in equipment were limited and with the set up we had it was very inconvenient.

    However the things that would have easily solved our problems are these.

    -Get an lcd/led tv they last longer much longer and used less electricity than plasma.

    -screen size is dependent on how far you are sitting from the tv.

    - i don't believe refresh rate affected much

    -hdmi is the way to do it gave it alot less cables to mess with and you will be happier for it.
    plus most tvs have a hdmi port where as most do not have dvi ports so you'll have more choices.


    i would do a dual monitor set up one screen is a monitor on a desk and beside that desk is the tv.

    the monitor on the desk is for playing games better suited for keyboard mouse(starcraft etc)
    and for typing and using a mouse

    everything else use a microsoft xbox 360 controller on the couch or lazyboy

    keep in mind sometimes it was very hard to read txt on the tv when looking up cheat codes or w/e while on the couch even when using the crlt + command

    other than that tvs work great for gaming.
  2. I use a vizio 30 inch led lcd tv. Everything looks awesome, You want to have at least 120hz and personally i like led because the picture is brighter.
  3. For a HDTV whatever the "refresh rate" is when playing games you always want to set it to 60Hz otherwise you will be getting input lag. A 120Hz HDTV does not work the same as a 120Hz monitor.
  4. here's a plasma model that i've been looking at getting.

    i've read good reviews on it so far, and it also has a game mode.

    any opinions on this TV as a suitable choice for PC gaming? has anyone used it for PC gaming? i plan on sitting about 10-15 feet from the TV for game play.

    thanks for the responses!
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