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Hello. My problem is that my computer will not start up. I built it years ago and it just shut off and wouldn't power on. I bought a new PSU, I knew the original one has a few hick ups and was sounding rough. It works if I do the short with a paper clip trick. Took everything off the board and left only the processor and HSF. (Following the checklist I found on this site) Now I flick on the power and - here's the issue - the fans turn for less than a second and the front light turns on but then nothing. I don't think its on for long enough to even post or anything. Haven't run into this issue before.

I had a spare board in the closet so I tried again and same result. What is going on here? Any ideas?
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  1. Until you said you tried a 2nd board, I was going to suggest the CMOS battery died. But unless both boards have a dead battery, that's probably not it.

    Just because you can jumper start the PSU, doesn't mean it is putting out the correct voltage to start the system when connected to the board. Either use a VOM to test the voltages, or get a PSU tester and check it.
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