New computer for HD editing with Sony Vegas 10

Hi everyone, I've spent the last week trawling the internet researching a new computer- apart from normal everyday stuff and HD editing with Sony Vegas 10. I live in Germany and have settled on a computer company - *link removed as it led to a irrelevant website*

They have a good choice of options with the different components and are reasonably priced- my budget is under 800 Euros-

CPU_ Intel i5 2500

Midi-Tower - TSN-8301

PSU--750W Corsair TX750M Enthusiast

Mobo--Asus P8H67 B3

RAM--8192MB (2x4096MB) Corsair XMS3 DDR3

Harddrive - 1TB

Graphics card- Palit GF GTX 550Ti 1024MB 2xDVI/HDMI

and a standard cooler

I'm not very knowledgeable about all of this and I wonder am I missing anything? Is it too much PSU? Do I need a bigger tower or cooler?

Thanks Dom
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  1. Your intended case has insufficient cooling|silber%29

    Ok for reasons unknown to me we seem to have that store's IP blocked or misdirected.

    Change your case to the Thermaltake V3

    Given your selection the Corsair TX650 will be fine if a bit overkill.

    It would be better to get the i5 2500K and a Z68 board if the budget will allow. Just to keep the overclocking option for later.

    ASRock Z68 Pro3 Gen3 would be your least expensive option there.

    Video editing does not require so strong a GPU. This 6670 will be just fine and save you enough for the mentioned upgrades|HDMI-PCI-EX,-retail
    (I think r-click and open in a new page/tab will make the link work)
  2. Or copy and paste the link :p
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