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I have currently had this problem with my computer for a couple of months now and everything other than this is fine with my computer. So as i power up my computer everything is fine goes to dell screen then windows welcome screen says welcome then done then goes to desktop screen but instead of loading the desktop it just stays at a black screen with the cursor for about three minutes. Its weird because if i just let it load it goes to a screen saver as if everything is already loaded and my computer has been sitting untouched, but everything is not loaded , there is just a black screen with the cursor. After a couple of minutes it goes to my normal desktop and everything works fine. Now I have a Dell studio xps 1645 with a intel core i7 q 720 4gb of ram 500 gb of hard drive ati mobility radeon hd 5730 card and windows 7 ultimate. I tried to load with boot logging enabled but for some reason i couldnt find the log as it was not in the system folder, and i check for my driver updates. As of now i have 43 outdated drivers but he majority of them are all networking controllers and system devices. ive tried to update these drivers as i thought this was the main cause but for some reason i couldnt update my drivers with the program i had. so please can someone guide me in the right direction here.!!
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  1. do you remember the last thing you were doing, before the problem started?
  2. It is most often caused by registry damage after installation/uninstallation of some software programs. try using ccleaner or any other registry fixer!
  3. Frizzo i have not really a clue as to what happened before this but if i could take a guess there were two major points were something changed in my computer. One being when i switched from windows 7home to win7 ultimate and two i had my computer crash once and i had to re-install windows again. other than that though nothing major. And i currently have winzip and i have cleaned my computer very thoroughly along with the registry.
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