Changed PC case, now i can't sign into AIM.

I changed my PC case, and upon rebooting it said something about two devices being disabled, so i told it to just load the default settings thinking maybe it would fix it, guess i was wrong, i can't seem to sign into AIM now yet it seems like everything else is working fine that has to use the internet.

I switched from the xclio windtunnel to the antec 900 two v3 if that helps. My mobo is the asrock 870 extreme3 as well.
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  1. Which devices were disabled? You can go to the device manager and see which ones are disabled there.

    Its possible the motherboard is touching the case in a location it shouldn't. Let us know what the hardware that is disable is.
  2. Hmm i worked around in BIOS and made sure all my settings were correct and restarted, now it seems to be working. I just checked device manager as well and everything is enabled. Must have been some strange fluke or something i changed fixed it. Thanks for attempting to help though :)
  3. No problem - glad its working.
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