Need help finishing my 3 monitor system

Need some help here, I have been running for years on a AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ (3.01mhz), 4GB 1033, and a ATI 4950 for the last few years. It isn’t the fastest setup but it can play most games at 1920x1080 at mid or lower settings. I am typically an MMO player (WOW, SWTOR, DND, RIFT), a little SC2 and some FPS now and again. I also do a alot of MS Office work and little photoshop.

A friend bought a new PC, and sold me a few of his spare parts for $200:
Antec 900 v2
GIGABYTE GA-MA785GM-US2H (no SLI, no Sata3, no USB3)
Amd Phenom II X4 965 black edition (3.4Ghz)
8GB HyperX DDR2 PC1200
Zalman 9700

I am purchasing a Samsung 830 256gb SSD, just because it tests so well, if there is a better deal for a SSD for my usage type please let me know (I am open to buying two 120gb as well).

So I am looking to complete the system, with 2 goals if possible in mind, I have done hours of research on this, and I just want to be able to get some clarification and advice.

Goal 1 (required): 3 monitor immersion setup (eyefinity or nVidia surround)
Goal 2 (optional): 3D gaming (in 3 monintor setup)
Goal 3 (not sure) : 3D out to 3D capable TV

So here is the first challenge I am faced with is Dual GPU card or SLI/CFX, I know I need horsepower to get the 3 monitors at high resolution/high settings:
1.) 6990/590 are both in 700 price range, which is a lot, but less headaches with configuring SLI/CFX, both have 3 monitor outputs, and I don’t need to buy a new motherboard (even though it might be suggested)

2.) 6970 CFX ($700) or GTX 570 SLI ($700) Either of these routes requires a new motherboard for around ($100), bringing the total to $800, while these might perform a little better, I don’t think the extra price is worth it. (I am omitting the GTX 580, it has a bad price point in my opinion)

3.) 6950 2GB CFX ($540) or GTX 560 SLI ($480) These also would required a new motherboard for around ($100), bring the total to $640 or $580

There is not a lot of difference in performance between option 1 and option 3, obviously option 1 has much more upgradable ability in the future, but just like I am not adding another 4950 to my system now, I am assuming in a few years I wouldn’t want to add another 6990/590, I would want the latest and greatest then. And while it is a little more of a pain to put the motherboard in (since this box is already assembled) it’s not really a problem. I am personally leaning towards option 3 AMD (looking for possibly unlockable cards) but is the 3D on AMD in eyefinity good at all?

My other major issue is monitors, I need 3 good gaming monitors (24” preferable, 27” is possible), which would be suggested for my system (both 3D and non-3D)

A few other things to consider:
Is my power supply good enough?
Is there room in my case for a 6990/GTX 590
Games perform differently based on memory cap, does the extra memory on ATI tip the scale?
Do both 3D providers require their own special glasses that are purchased separately?

I know this will be an open discussion, I welcome all the help I can get

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  1. I think it is better to get a crossfire 6970, but that would require a new motherboard... And a 6990 is basically it, so get 6990. Your PSU should be enough. And It will fit I think, maybe you need to remove the HDD cage a bit.

    And why do you need 3D? As far as I know It is not good for your eyes while 3D gaming. So I think there is no need of that.
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