Help with iiyama vm pro 454. Please!!!

i have recently bought a new 19'' monitor the iiyama vision master pro 454 (HM903DTA) and
i have encountered a really annoying problem. there is a column
with size the half start button in windows at 1280 x 1024 from the
bottom left to the right left corner. in there the focus is little
problematic where in all other areas is crystal clear. moreover
apart from this there is a slightly curve up down. therefore there
is not a completely horizontical line from the bottom left corner
through the bottom right. however in the last few days i found that
this is fixing by reducing the refresh rate. for example at 1024
x 768 at 85hz is perfect but at 120 is like before as i have mention
above. at 1280 x 1024 is fixing at 60hz whereas all other frequencies
messing the image as discribed above. now what can i do about it
because the basic reason i bought it was for the high resolution
up to 1920 x 1440 and also for the high refresh rate up to 100hz
at 1600 x 1200. thank you in advance and i will be waiting with
agony for an answer.
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  1. lo m8,
    I have the same monitor and I encountered the same problem (I was so dissapointed and tried everything), I could allign the image but the image quality was getting messed up.
    Try to change gf card, sometimes the sheilding/magnetic interferance of the display output on the card can cause different problems on the monitor (i.e allignment convergence etc).
    I bought a new gf card cuz I needed one and then all of a sudden the image on the screen got alligned and still is :D
    and it kicks ass :D

    set the monitor back to factory settings and get a new gf card (or try some of your friends) and get the NOKIA monitor test utility to fine tune your monitor.
    Good luck and let me know the result.
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