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I am trying to host a web site from my pc but i can't seem to figure out how to set up a virtual server with the modem they gave me. its a sprint 645 series or a zyxel 645. Would i do that in the NAT tab or is it possable at all. if its not what modem would you recomend me get.
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  1. Um.. wait.

    What kind of server are you trying to host, and why do you think it's virtual?

    You'll probably need port forwarding on your router to point to your PC though.

    But I am curious about your virtual server thing..
  2. port forwarding is another name for a virtual server, its the same thing. i am just looking host a basic web server. my modem does not have a section labeled port forwarding or virtual server but i was looking a NAT section and it looked like it did the same thing so i did what i thought sent port 80 traffic to my internal ip addy of but when i type in my external ip addy i get a log in promp to log into my modem. i try to log in from a location out of my network and i get a time out. idk what to do next.
  3. If you're putting in your internal IP and get the login prompt for your router/modem, you have the wrong ip.
    Do an IPconfig and figure out what your IP is, then use your http://x.x.x.x

    It shouldn't matter internally if you have port forwarding or not.. it's on the outside.

    But then you have to make sure your firewall is disabled or allows incoming non-requested traffic.
  4. well i put in the external ip in because that would be the one i would need to type in to see if port forwarding would work right?
  5. When you go to your local address, does it work?

    You might want to use a site like or that you can truly be outside and make sure it goes in.
  6. well if i type my local IP addy from anywhere inside my network it works but if i type my external ip addy from a computer outside my network it times out.
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