2500k @4ghz 50c idle to High?

Overclocked 2500k to 4ghz and idling at 50c I am guess that is way to hot for idle temps. I am on stock fan and ordering a after market cooler in the next few days.
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  1. usual problem is 1 or more pins arent properly engaged

    if you can pull the pins up without twisting them they are not through properly
  2. Idle should be around 35-40 , correct me if I'm wrong
  3. Im was idling fine before the over clock and now I have set everything in bios back to normal but now idling 40-46c I think I might have stressed it to much although it is very hot in where I am at today. I will turn off PC for a few hours and hopefully get back to 38c what it used to be. The heat sink is fitted fine.
  4. Unless your room temperature is near 90F or 32c. the idle temperature is still too high.
    The cause is either very poor case cooling, or a heat sink that is not mounted quite right.
    If the fan is not spinning, that will cause a problem too.

    The only way to check is to look at the back of the motherboard to verify that all 4 pushpins are completely through the motherboard and locked. If you used the stock Intel pre-applied thermal material, then you should be good.
    I hope you did not clean off those three grey stripes.

    What case are you using?
    If you take the sides of the case off, and direct a house fan at the insides, does it fix your problem?

    I suggest you buy an inexpensive aftermarket cpu cooler.
    It will keep your cpu cooler when OC'ed, and will be quieter under load.
    $20 buys you an excellent cm hiper212.
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