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3 screen setup advice needed. Urgent please !

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February 10, 2012 6:43:47 PM

Approximate Purchase Date: In about 5 to 8 days

Budget Range: Rupees 65000 (Indian Currency)

System Usage from Most to Least Important:Work , Movies, Gaming

Parts Not Required: OS, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor. I am going to get three 21.5" 1080p screens

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: ,

Country: India

Parts Preferences: Intel CPU.

Overclocking: Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: Not in near future

Monitor Resolution: (1920x1080) x 3

Additional Comments: I would like a quiet PC

My Build so far

Core i5 2500k
G.Skill Ripjaws X (2x4GB)
Zotac Geforce GTX560 2GB DDR5 NVidia PCI E Graphics Card
Western Digital Caviar Blue WD5000AAKX 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5"
Antec EarthWatts 650W Power Supply (EA650)
Coolermaster Hyper 212+
ASUS 24X Sata Black Internal DVD Writer
ASUS P8Z68-M Pro
NZXT Guardian 921 RB 921RB-001-BL Black SECC steel chassis ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

Please improve on my build. Im especially doubtful about the motherboard i have chosen. Thanks ! :bounce: 

And while gaming i will use only 1 screen

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February 10, 2012 7:19:41 PM

Nothing wrong with your build.

The motherboard is fine, I happen to like M-atx motherboards. They have all the slots you need, are less expensive, and will fit in some nice small cases.

If you love the case buy it.

But, I would buy a less expensive case, and spend the difference elsewhere.
Look at the NZXT gamma.

For the side monitors, just buy an inexpensive nvidia card that will handle two 1080P displays just fine.
Something like this:

GTX560 is a good pick. I happen to like evga as a brand more. Look at the evga gtx560 superclocked, which is a tad faster:

Hard drive prices are crazy today, and caviar blue is not the fastest WD hard drive(black is).
See if you can't manage a small SSD to start with. 60-80gb will hold the os and a nandful of games.
Buy a hard drive for overflow when prices return to normal. At that time a DW blue or green will be appropriate as overflow to a SSD.
Look first to intel or samsung for reliability.
February 10, 2012 7:26:46 PM

Unless I'm mistaken, you cannot output to 3 monitors with only a single Nvidia card. You'll need to either go with an SLI configuration, or grab an AMD card.
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February 11, 2012 1:09:31 AM

is it so? will i have to get an AMD GPU then ?
February 11, 2012 1:12:09 AM

geofelt so i should SLI my gtx50 with a GT210 ?
February 11, 2012 2:11:16 AM

no you need two identical cards for SLi.a hd 6870 is a better choice.
February 11, 2012 11:40:59 AM

How about the HD 6950 1GB ?
Link . Is HIS a good brand for the 6950 ?
February 11, 2012 1:23:21 PM

yes,6950 is a great card!nothing is wrong with HIS.

Best solution

February 12, 2012 12:26:29 AM

anirudh1 said:
geofelt so i should SLI my gtx50 with a GT210 ?

sli applies the power of two graphics cards to improve the fps of gaming on a single monitor.

I am not familiar with games that are easily played on triple monitors, but I know there are some. If that is what you have in mind, then check the requirements for that specific game. There are some cards that will drive three monitors, but they will be most expensive. Also, I think sli can run some triple monitor games, if interested, again check out the specifics.
Most games play on a single monitor. I that case, I suggest you buy the single best graphics card that you feel comfortable paying for.
To run the 2 side monitors, use a inexpensive card like the GT210.

Here are my thoughts on
Dual graphics cards vs. a good single card.

a) How good do you really need to be?
A single GTX560 or 6870 can give you great performance at 1920 x 1200 in most games.

A single GTX560ti or 6950 will give you excellent performance at 1920 x 1200 in most games.
Even 2560 x 1600 will be good with lowered detail.
A single 7970 is about as good as it gets.

Only if you are looking at triple monitor gaming, then sli/cf will be needed.

b) The costs for a single card are lower.
You require a less expensive motherboard; no need for sli/cf or multiple pci-e slots.
Even a ITX motherboard will do.

Your psu costs are less.
A GTX560ti needs a 450w psu, even a GTX580 only needs a 600w psu.
When you add another card to the mix, plan on adding 150-200w to your psu requirements.

Case cooling becomes more of an issue with dual cards.
That means a more expensive case with more and stronger fans.
You will also look at more noise.

c) Dual cards do not always render their half of the display in sync, causing microstuttering. It is an annoying effect.
The benefit of higher benchmark fps can be offset, particularly with lower tier cards.
Read this:

d) dual card support is dependent on the driver. Not all games can benefit from dual cards.

e) cf/sli up front reduces your option to get another card for an upgrade. Not that I suggest you plan for that.
It will often be the case that replacing your current card with a newer gen card will offer a better upgrade path.
February 12, 2012 5:01:15 AM

Thanks. but i am just planning to game on the middle monitor.. I will need 3 screens for work. I will be satisfied with a card which will give me great 1920x1080 gaming performance :-) Will a HD 6870 satisfy my needs? Or do i need to go HD6950? And i dont understand when u say use an inexpensive card for the other screens. Do u mean i connect the card to my motherboard without connecting the SLI bridge ?
February 12, 2012 5:41:28 AM

Since i am going to get a single HD6950 i'm planning to change my PSU to THIS or THIS
February 12, 2012 8:21:47 AM

definitely 6950 is more powerful and more value for money thing.seasonic psu is's more efficient.6870 will probably max out many games but when you talk about heavyweights like BF3,Metro 2033 or Crysis,they are not enough.6950 will do fine.
June 6, 2012 6:33:22 PM

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