Does ati have driver problem?

hello i want to know that do ati cards have driver problems..i have use nvidia cards uptill now so i dont know the ati driver problem bcz i am planing to buy ati card for my pc now i am not asking to those who are noob they even cant install a driver and i knnow that lot of u guys are using ati as they are cheaper and gives more performnce then nvidia in same price range.SO PLZ TELL ME AND WHAT BRAND SHOULD I BUY FOR ATI XFX,HIS,GIGABYTE THESE ARE AVALIABLE IN MY COUNTRY AND SAPHIRE IS NOT AVALIBLE SO DONT GIVE ME ADVICE OF BUYING SAPHIRE

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  1. ATI drivers are fine, I never have any problems with them. As for brand, it doesn't really matter for I would recommend XFX or Gigabyte
  2. yes they have but mostly in CROSSFIRE single are fine.
  3. No problem apart from minor one where it was fixed by simply using another version of driver. ATI/AMD continuously use for 4 years starting from R600. Don't have major brand loyalty, but first choice is ASUS and Gigabyte but even cheaper Powercolor works well. May be I am lucky.
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