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i had a gigabyte gtx i heard about kepler launch i sold it out few days ago to buy the top tier card of kepler the release date delayed+sexy games being released & i'm dying without a gpu.
i'm considering buying a 580 soc now or should i wait till kepler launch if its in january or feb 2012? i game @1080p+had a quad core SB. ..i can max precisely spend 500$ for will the wait be worth? i'm damn confused. :??:
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    Go pick up a 570 to hold you over. There is no official release date, but is has been said for at least 6months now that Kepler will not be out until Q1 of 2012, and most rumors I have heard are saying late Q1 which means they will be out some time in March (though this is only rumor). That means you have 3-4 months before the product is released. Then, after it is released you will want to wait until the competition churns through the reference boards and starts producing slightly beefier offerings, so I would say to wait until next summer or fall even and do a whole new build with IB if you like being on the pocket-bleeding edge of technology.

    at 1080p the 580 was overkill anyways. I would spend that money on a better monitor, and get a cheap GPU that will get you through, and then pick up a 680 when it comes out, then you would really get to see what you were missing.
  2. +1 even the 570 could be considered overkill for 1080
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