Your advice for a GPU upgrade please


I want to make an upgrade on my GPU so i want your opinion.
My budget is 350$ and i want to play star wars mmo on full HD medium to high graphics.

I found a used 5970 2GB for 400$, do you think it's worth?

My current configuration is:

Intel I7 920 2,6 (still not OC)
Corsair 3 GB DDR3-1866 memory
Asus Rampage II extreme
PSU Thermaltake Thoughpower 1500W
Windows 7 64 bit

Thank you
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More about your advice upgrade please
  1. Hello & Welcome.
    No it doesn't worth it, HD 5970 failed in some reviews to perform because of the high temps and noise, so picking up a used HD 5970 is not that great idea.

    If you want to play Star wars with playable frames @ highest settings @ 1080P so you can pick up a HD 6970, or if you wanna invest your $400 pick up 2 HD 6950 and CF them for the ultimate gaming performance.
  2. What a system you got there, but i don't like the processor...

    You might get 6970 instead of 5970. I know 5970 is little better but for me 6970 is a better deal. Then until you get some cash you buy another 6970 to make crossfire.

    You might overclock your CPU to around 3.0Ghz so that you are sure that there are no bottlenecking.
  3. I'm with refillable- a 5970 seems like a great value proposition (overall it should perform just above a GTX 580). For some people it may be. However, for most folks that want to keep their hardware up to date a 6970 (or a GTX 570) is a better decision. Provides an upgrade path!
  4. A used 5970 is tricky , you will be taking a gamble on it, you would be better off buying a new card like the 6970, 570 or even the 580.
  5. Do you think that it will be a wise move to wait for ati series 7XXX or you think that the difference from HD6970 or GTX570 will be minor on this price range?
    I know there aren't many clues yet but maybe someone knows better and enlighten me.

    Thank you for your replies so far.
  6. HD 7950 is said to be $450 and will be released Q1/2 2012, it's equipped with the new XDR2 rambus memory which is twice faster than GDDR5 besides the 1 GHz GPU frequency and 28nm process for low power consumption and less heat.

    The HD 7970 is said to be $550 but no more info about it yet, both cards are equipped with 2 GB of VRAM.

    HD 78XX will be probably pushed in next Jan, but they will be a minor upgrade over the current HD 69xx.
  7. Wikipedia said 7950 will be around $400 and 7870 will be around $300. As we know we don't know how these cards perform, so This is just an Idea.
  8. I think i can wait until January to check the performance of the new 78XX series :)

    Thank you for your replies
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