Connecting my new desktop to my home Wifi

I'm about to buy a new gaming pc and need to know the best way to connect it to my home wifi. In the past I always had a wired connection to my desktop, but this time it won't be possible because the room I'm putting it in is too far away, and I have no experience with desktops and wifi.

My laptop gets good enough speeds when I'm gaming or downloading something over wifi, so I suppose it won't be that much worse than a wired connection. From what I've gathered I have 3 choices:

1. Use the inbuilt LAN on the motherboard
2. Buy a NIC card
3. Use some sort of USB adapter this is the motherboard I'm getting, which has an Atheros GbE LAN chip (10/100/1000 Mbit). Would this be sufficient for my requirements, or would one of the other options be better?
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  1. 1.the inbuilt lan isnt wireless

    2.nic cards the signal can be blocked a bit as the aerial is at the back of the case

    3. usb adaptors allow for positioning for better reception

    from a security point of view wired is always a better option than wireless--my router is 20m away but i still went to the trouble

    of running an ethernet cable through the walls to the pc

    a large amount of wireless networks have inadequate security measures on them
  2. Ok thanks for the info. But what about the speed difference between a usb adapter or a NIC card? Is the usb as good?
  3. usb is just as fast as nic

    get one rated for b/g/n

    n being fastest of those 3
  4. Great! Thanks for the help :)
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