Any good PC vacuum cleaners out there? (Combating the Dust)

I've seen filters in action, and while reasonably impressive, the best preventative would seem to be catching the dust before it even gets near my chassis.

I have a roomba that runs around the place at least 1 hour a day (I don't trust it him to run alone while I go to work, so I set him to clean while I supervise), but I can't very well place him on my desk or bookcases. I've looked around but it seems like the mini-vacuum market is really centered on cleaning cars or carpetted staircases. I'm having trouble finding good mini-vacs that would be optimized for a PC. Ideally something small, not too loud, with just enough suction to gather up that layer of dust that seems to settle on all flat surfaces like books and table tops. One with a brushy tip would be good too. Up till now I've been using those Swiffer Dusters, but I'm starting to figure out that an actual vacuum would be a smart investment (these dusters aren't cheap!)

I have to buy from Canada, so, or Tigerdirect would be ideal, but from the quick glances I've thrown in there I haven't seen anything...
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  1. air filter works pretty well for me.

    something like this (i know its usa but you should be able to find something comparable)

    I set this next to my pc and it seems to decrease the amount of dust in the pc filters. I stopped using the air filter for 3 weeks and noticed a larger amount of dust collected in my pc filters.

    this particular unit is kind of loud though, I usually turn it on high when i leave the house.
  2. Hmmm, worth considering.

    But ideally I want something with a slender nozzle that I can stick into the case and run over the flat surfaces. Though that brings to mind a concern... do vacuums constitute a static discharge hazard?

    I know they make cans of compressed air, but... yeah, that's a non-renewable resource. I'd like a solution that I can buy and have last more than 6 months.
  3. I have never tried vacuuming my pc internals although I have read from others on this forum that they have done it.

    You could buy a small air compressor such as this one (for some reason times out)

    I use a regular compressor because I have one, but a smaller one should work just fine.

    EDIT- this looks more suited to your needs
  4. How about someting renewable: Hyundai Inflation Tank 5GAL 100 PSI $36 at your local sears store.
    I have a compressed air tank and fill it up for no cost at the local tire repair shop. Easy portability and cheaper than tose small cans of compressed air. You can also use it to air up your tires...
    You can probably find these at auto parts stores as well.
  5. I just saw a section on which (hilariously enough) would probably suit my needs. Pet Vacuums... if it's gentle enough to not harm a small animal, it should be gentle enough to work around sensitive electronics, lol.

    The air compressors give me pause for 2 small reasons, I know the cans they sell hold very pure air, no chance of spraying impurities onto my motherboard and other nicknacks. Not sure if the same can be said about auto-shop equipment. And really... the compressed air approach doesn't really remove the dust, it just throws it onto my desk. Which means I will still need to buy a pack of swiffer dusters every month or so. The beauty of a vacuum is that it actively removes the dust, and I can use it until it breaks. Which will hopefully be more than a year... but even if it lasts just 7 months it would cost less compared to those damn swiffers.
  6. Check out the metro data models vacs that both suck and blow. There are a number of models with small attachments to get into the tightest spots.

    Video review:

    You find them at many store, but I found B and H seems to offer the most models. There are at least 4-5 models each with their own sub-models, which vary in power, size, attachment sets and so on.

    See that site here:

    They vacuum from one side and blow from the other side. The attachments and hose can connect to either side. No need to buy canned air anymore either.
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