Floppy Drive from Hell!

I have a Floppy Drive
Panasonic i believe

Every computer its in my old k6-2 or my New Spitfire

if something big is loading from it
say making a startup disk it locks up the system as its working 99 1/2 %

Anyone else have this issue?
Is there any settings that would do this
maybe its just the drive
but i mean
loading something from it say playing mp3's it locks up and music stops

i used to thingk my 350 wasnt fast enough but the same symptoms on my 800


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  1. well from my experience floppy drives are a magnet for failure. my floppy drive works currnetly, but the front wont shut. ive had so amny of them fail on me, my flatmes one has just failed. theyre pieces of sh1t. the only advice i can offer hyou is buy a new one, uinfortunately.

    man i sorry about beign an [-peep-], sorry dude;.


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