MSI gtx 560 twin frozr 2 1gb vs 1gb clock speeds?

I was going to buy an MSI gtx 560 twin frozr 2 with 1gb of memory but then i saw for only £15 more you can get the 2gb version. However the 2gb version has a 200mhz slower clock speed. I know this is a rather small amount but seeing as i'm not planning on using a high resolution or anything else i would particularly NEED 2gb of memory for i was wondering will that 200mhz faster speed in the 1gb be an advantage over the extra memory? I know i could maybe OC the 1gb to more than this but i am quite particular about small insignificant details. :p

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I recommend the 1GB version. For most of the games they didn't benefit from 2GB of VRAM. They only need 1GB. Except you have a multiple monitor system.
  2. The diference is almost zero. The 2gb version is good for a setup with multiple monitors and for those who work with the video card in programing , video editing, 3D because they need more memory because there the GPU is doing the hard work. So bigger the memory better for them. For gaming 1GB is plenty and suficient.
  3. Hey guys thanks for the quick answers.

    I can see that 2gb would be overkill but for the small price increase it'd be good to have a slightly more futureproof gpu. Are you guys saying I should get the 1gb simply because the extra memory would be useless to me? Because i wouldn't mind spending £15 more to go stupidly overboard. :p

    thanks again for the great answers to my first post. :)

    *edit* When i mentioned clock speed i was talking about the GDDR5 speed not the actualy gpu without realising so that was dumb of me, ignore that comment. :p
  4. 2gb is Overkill unless you want to do SLI. 1 GB is pretty much what a gtx 560 can chew.
    Btw, 200 mhz difference? It's a lot. Why don't you just get one of those new gtx 560 ti with 448 CUDA cores and 1280mb memory?
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