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Better Option than 9500GT?

I have an HP Compaq dc5850 Microtower. It is my everyday machine, but I will occasionally game on it. I was gifted an EVGA 1GB 9500GT DDR2. I still have the stock PSU, so I was wondering if there are any better cheap options without having to upgrade the PSU. I'm not in a place where I can spend a lot, but just looking for a little bump in performance. Thanks in advance!

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  1. If you are gifted, just take it without asking what is better and stuff. I'd take it and have it on my system for a while. If I feel it is not enough then I will change it, pretty simple eh?
  2. well you would need to know the specific wattage of the PSU which can be done by looking at it, or on a spec sheet from the manufacturer's website (sorry, too lazy to look it up myself). But I believe any current entry level card which does not require a power connector should work fine... just double check that before purchasing anything. And just about anything is going to be an upgrade from the 'ol 9500. Not a terrible card in it's day, but it's day has come and gone. Note also that your CPU may bottleneck things and it may be time for a full system upgrade before too long, so dont waste your money on something that has spent it's life.
  3. I've been running the card for a few months now. I was playing Saints Row on 800x600 settings with everything extra off. Sad, I know. Here is a picture from the spec sheet on HP's site:

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    I bought myself an ATI Radeon 5760 a few months ago (Gigabyte version with the large fan for less noise). Comparable performance to a GeForce 8800GTS (although I think for some things, my GTS is better) and will certainly be a step up from a 9500GT. Runs fine on my 300w 'nothing special' PSU and cost just £50 - no idea what country you are in but prices probably won't be all that different.
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