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Hello gentlemen,please dont laugh at me,i live in Morocco and i have the following computer

I have a ati 4650 GPU and 3GB ram,everything else is stock,i want to upgrade the gpu,psu and cpu,in Morocco there arent many gamer parts etc,so i came across this GPU ASUS 6670 GD3
and this psu
here are the caracteristics
+ 3.3 V: 32A
+ 5 V: 35A
+ 12 V: 30A
- 12 V: 0.8A
+ 5.5 V Sb: 2.5A
its an Advance PSU,what is the best card i can get for this PSU also is Advance reliable?what do you think is the lifespan of this psu?there are trust and advance psu's in that website along with corsair but that is out question since the cheapest is at 110$,consdering that i will be buying a used E7300 cpu and the 6670,is it fine if i get that PSU?will it die quick?
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  1. If it can run with a HD4650 it will run HD6670.
  2. mate the problem that i have is that i'm afraid the Bestec PSU will die and will kill parts with it :/
  3. So will the one you linked! What size is the Bestec since your HP link can not find the page!
  4. here is the sticker on my PSU
    All info are provided.
  5. Typical load power consumption for a system with HD6670 is around 200watts
    Your Bestec can provide more than that just on the +12 volts! If you are changing try to get a quality unit, no reason to go from bad to worse!
  6. i have this bestec since 3 years,i'm afraid it will die soon and it may kill other things,thats what i'm afraid of.
  7. Amazon isnt available in Morocco,neither is ebay new egg etc...only thing available is and they have a corsair CX500 V2 for 120$ wich is expensive
  8. Expensive but quality. Upgrading from Bestec to crap is not doing you any good.
  9. i have another question,will the CX500 V2 fit in this case

    i heard some psus wont work with OEM cases or something?
  10. Yes it should it is a normal mini tower with a mATX motherboard!
  11. somebody told me i should check for compaq propriatary cables inside that would work with only their psus is that true or false?f
  12. I believe that is false, I have changed couple of PSU's in older HP's (socket 939 and AM2) and no problems at all.
  13. i have a question,someone is selling a coolermaster silent pro m 600W near me,but its used.he sells it for 60$,should i go for it?considering there is no other choice...
  14. The Silent Pro M is a quality PSU; if it is in good working condition and you trust the person then that is the way that I would go.
  15. thats the problem,i dont even know the person at all,how can i know if its in good working condition while we make the trade?should i check for any burns and smell if there is burning smell?considering the silent pro m design of better airflow you can see everything inside without opening it.
  16. You can check to make sure that it at least powers on by doing the paper-clip trick to start the PSU.

    You could bring your PC to test it in your system. I wouldn't make the purchase unless I had tested it and knew that it worked.
  17. cant bring it over because he is far away.......i shouldnt go for it and stay with this shitty bestec that will die in any second and kill my motherboard iwth it?
  18. Buyer beware any time you buy from an individual instead of a company. That being said, I've bought from people on forums and had good luck. You can try getting the Silent Pro M...will the seller do a video demonstrating that the PSU works in another PC? Maybe do the paper clip test for you?
  19. the problem my friend is that people in my country are very dumb,and being a gamer here is very pricy,a 50$ corsair psu is sold at 120$ here for no reason,a 7600GT is sold for 160$,i know you ownt believe it but its true,there is nothing left to me,i bought this pc for 600$,it have E2220 and it didnt even have a gpu,psu 300w bestec crappy ***

    the only thing i want to ask now is,i want to oc my cpu E2220 but when i put fsb at 240 it freezes,somebody told me i have to do something with the ram but i dont know,please help?
  20. I definitely believe it...there are places over here that way overprice PC parts. At least we have places like Newegg to get good pricing. Wish it was easier for you get affordable may be worth the risk to get the Silent Pro M

    OCing isn't my strong suit; I recommend posting the OC question in the CPU OC boards here: If it's a pre-built PC, then you may not have enough OC features on your mobo / BIOS for a good OC on the CPU.
  21. thank you very much for your help
  22. Glad I could help some - I know you'll get all the OC help that you need in the OC section. Good luck in finding a good PSU.
  23. my thread was removed from the OC section,i have no idea why :(
  24. Try starting a new thread just about OCing your CPU.
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