Are cougar fans the best?

I don't care what the price of a fan is. I need something to replace my hyper 212 evo cooler's fan. The fan makes a weird sound that is annoying. I need something that is really quiet and I heard cougar 120mm pwm would be a great option. However, does this fan produce any weird buzz noises or anything like that? I have the money to go buy a Noctua 120mm fan, but I was wondering if this would be better than a Noctua, regardless of cost. I just need something extremely quiet, as this pc will be in the same room I am sleeping in.

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  1. I have a pair of Cougars on my 212, and it's dead silent, even with the case open. They are excellent fans.
  2. wow. Thanks I think I'll go with cougars then. Any last opinions?

    Is this the fan you are talking about? Because I wanna purchase an Evo. But doesn't the Evo's fan connect to the heat sink? Or do you need those aluminum strands (not sure what they call them). Also does the Evo with the fan get in the way of your ram? Because i am thinking of buying 4x4 GB 1600MHz corsair vengeance ram, and I hear it really is close. I might have to buy 2x8GB low profile. What is your take on this bro?
  4. They come with the 212 EVO.

    Personally, I like the Scythe Gentle Typhoon series of fans and the Aerocool Shark series.
  5. I got noctua nf-f12 pwm, works just fine, better than that 212 EVO fan.
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