3d tv as a moniter

I'm planning on buying this tv and was wandering what I would have to do to use it as a 3d moniter for my pc I have a nvidea graphics card I don't know the model number off the top of my head but I can look it up...

Thanks for the advise
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  1. Yes. As long as your Graphics card has the required outputs.

    For example:

    If you have an LCD with DVI and HDMI ports, your graphics card will need a DVI or HDMI output port to connect to your screen. I do this all the time with my laptop - I connect my laptop via HDMI to my HDTV.
  2. So if I conect my pc via hdmi to this moniter it will be in 3d?
  3. Well i've never used a 3D monitor before so i'm not sure. I don't even know if content is always 3D or if it has to be specifically made to display 3D content.

    The 3D part - I think it all depends on which GPU you have, as well as which 3D display you have as well and obviously the content matters.

    I would suggest reading this:


    As well as googling for more information.
  4. That 3D LCD should work. It has HDMI. Now the only question is - does your video card have the correct output type?

    FYI - I noticed it said "3D-ready Brings images to life in stunning 3D (3D glasses included). The 2D-to-3D conversion function delivers standard film, pictures and TV broadcasts in 3D."

    So you need to wear glasses. There are some 3DTV's that don't require glassess - I believe they are called Parallax barrier 3D TV's, but they are much more expensive, if there are even any that you can buy yet.

    Do you have HDMI output on your videocard? If you can tell us exactly what video card you have (Model name, as well as manufacturer's name) that would help,
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