Pre-Built computer?

I want to buy a computer with a budget of $1000 preferably less if possible.

The main thing I want to run is BF3 doesn't need to be on ULTRA or anything, I want it to run smooth on Medium though.

I would like to buy a pre-built one considering I have no computer knowledge what so ever.

The most I know how to install is gfx card and ram, probably power supply? lol

With that being said, I would be fine if someone found me a PC from like BestBuy and all I had to buy was a new power supply and gfx card.

Thanks in advance, much appreciated!!
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  1. Forgot to add, I don't need a monitor/keyboard/mouse.

    My monitors resolution is 1680x1050 if that matters what so ever lol..

    Thanks again!
  2. Did you look on Newegg's website? They have some systems there you might like.
  3. Thanks house, I know this will sound completely lazy and what not... But I honestly have no idea whats good anymore in terms of processor (video card I think I know)
    but processor and anything I have no idea whats good, whats worth getting or staying away from.

    If its possible, I'm really looking to pick a computer up this weekend (lol its bad but I have such bad patience)

    There's a MicroCenter rite next to me (Long Island, NY)

    I would really appreciate if anyone can point out a pre-built computer and just mention a power supply/video card I should buy as well to replace the pre-built ones.
  4. Honestly I had never built a computer until my last one. I watched newegg's how to videos and browsed these forums and built it myself. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I have currently built 3 different ones for myself, and about 15 for friends and family. If you can follow directions and have a little patience you can build one.
  5. Okay, I will try and build one myself.

    I guess this post can be closed and I will open a new one about parts in 'build your own'

    thank you.
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