Lian Li and water cooling (Only if you have a lian li case ;) )

Hello all

I'm looking for a really nice, qiality watercooling case and Lian-Li cases are really catching my eyes however none of them really seem to go for the water cooling side of things. Also the case has to have visable fans at the front with modding that im going to be doing :P

Thankyou all
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  1. That is nowhere near enough data, and the fact that you didn't know what data to supply just shows that you have a long way to go first.

    We CANNOT hold your hand through water cooling. It's complicated and requires actual knowledge and many decisions on your part.

    One or two loops?
    How many GPUs?
    What rads?

    Building in a Lian Li will limit your options. There is only going to be so much space to work in.

    Since you haven't given a budget I'll assume you are made of money. Get a CaseLabs case and have it repainted:

    You can put whatever you need to in there.
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