Computer was turning on for a split second and then turned off but now it won't

Hello, I have looked for an answer to my problem since last night but i can't seem to find the perfect solution. I had just got these parts for my computer that i've had for awhile but stopped working so i found what i thought to be to problem (the motherboard, video card, and RAM weren't compatible. The motherboard was suppose to run DDR2 yet my video card is suppose to run DDR3). So i ordered a new mobo and new RAM (i had DDR2 and this mobo takes DDR3 to be compatible with the video card) and when i put them in and powered up the computer it would start up for a split second (fans, LEDs, CPU fan, and PSU fan running) but then turn right back off. I then tried unplugging the PSU cable and back in and it would continue the same thing. When i got home today i found it wont even turn on at all anymore.

My build:
Intel core 2 quad LGA775
MSI G41M-P25
2 x 4gb gskill sniper edition
BFG Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 OC Maxcore 55
LSP Ultra 750w ATX PSU
Smilodon Raidmax gaming development case
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  1. I am sorry to tell you that your RAM type and your video card RAM type don't need to have the same DDR number. A GDDR5 card would work just fine with DDR3 regular ram or whatever.

    The motherboard really doesn't care what RAM is on the video card.

    That being said, I will be glad to assist with trying to get the computer back on track.

    Tell me, do you have another computer that you have access to with similar specifications that you can borrow parts from?

    It would be very nice if you could try a different PSU. Just to rule out that as the cause of the problem.
  2. I have a buddy with a 500 w PSU he can swing by either today or tomorrow but im not sure that will be good enough to try and see if my PSU is bad or not seeing as mine is 150 w's more. If you think so ill tell him to come by later and we can see what we can do with it though.
  3. Anything is better than nothing.

    A 500w isn't necessarily worse than a 650w. It is entirely possible his 500w can provide more power than your 650w in the same environmental conditions.

    It matters what the maker and model is for his 500w.

    It could be that his is indeed worse, but there is no way to tell that based on the wattage written on the label.
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