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Hey, i want to upgrade my power supply on my compaq presario sr5350f to at least a 350w. The present 250w isnt enough to run the graphics card i just ordered (which is a nVidia Geforce 7800 GTX 256MB [and yes, i kno it is an extremely outdated card, but i just need it to play dc universe online and it it the bare minimum needed to run it]) Can i get some advice on which power supply to buy, i've been searching for hours and dont know which one to choose. Help Please.
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  1. I use corsair, ocz, and antec. Any of those brands in 400-500 watts is plenty for the 7800. Some of the lesser brands can fail under load due to inferior components.
  2. ok, but will they fit in the case for my compaq presario sr5350. thats reely what im worried about
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    Yes. Your compaq case can work with most atx power supplies. I have an old antec 350w in mine. You may have a lock to undo when you slide the old ps out. Mine had to be pressed a certain way to pop it loose. All you have to do is check the position of the screw holes in back; some old compaq's had a custom square ps where all the screws lined up in a perfect square; the newer ones have the holes offset slightly and this is what you need to look for to fit the newer standard atx ps.
  4. mine looks like it is slightly offset, so i guess i can get one. which would you suggest (sorry for all the questions, im a newbie)
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