Computer Turns OFF when any switch in the Room is turned Off - Strange

Hello Everyone,
I am totally frustrated by this problem but couldn't find anything even remotely matching on the net, so here is my last stand against the gremlins.

I have a >3 yr old system with the specs given below.

The thing is:

1. When I turn it on after it has been off for a while (say 20 mins), it Posts and turns on alright.

2. For any reason I reboot, there is no Post, no HDD LED activity and the screen is just blank.

3. I try turning it off, switching the PSU completely off, then turning it on, but it simply does not POST

4. I will have to turn it HARD OFF and wait for atleast 10 to 15 mins before I can turn it on and then it POSTs and the OS boots up.

5. If I turn it on before 10 mins, it restarts immediately after a few fan spins and a few HDD Led blinks and then, no POST nor any HDD Activity.

5. Now the craziest part: Whenever I turn ANYTHING OFF in the room where my Computer is, my Computer justs shuts down, tries to restart, but without POST. (I can't switch off any appliance in my room without the comp going poof)

6. So I will have to shut it down, switch the power supply off and turn it back on after 10 - 15 mins (my cooling time).

I tried:

Changed the PSU
Changed the GPU
Changed the RAMs (Used them singly)

So that pretty much leaves the MoBo and the Processor.

I had troubles with the thermal paste that had solidified and processor was heating up, so I used market thermal paste, but am sure I haven't spilled anything over into the MoBo.

I am not very sure about the screws of the MoBo yet.

Please, please advise!

Thank you

Core2 Quad 2.67Ghz
Corsair (not sure about model) 4Gb X 2 DDR3
1TB HDD Seagate x 2

off my head, will get the full specs if necessary.
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  1. The board/PSU seems to be sensitive to electrical issues in your home/office. Do you know if the electrical wiring is properly grounded and wired? The first test I'd do is use a tester like below to verify the wiring at the various outlets in the house/office. Just plug it into your outlets and read the results. (Unfortunately, it won't check wall switches) You can probably find the tester at most hdwr stores too.

    The problem could be caused by an open hot or neutral, missing ground, reversed hot and neutral, or reversed ground and neutral. The tester will check for all possibilities. Once you verify the problem is/isn't in the building wiring, we can look for computer system issues.
  2. And after that long post you still failed to list your PSU. Clutchc has given you a good answer, but it won't do you much good if you are buying cheap PSUs.
  3. I would say this isn't the computers fault, it seems like you have faulty wiring. At first I thought "Oh its the power supply" then I read you have already changed it. If that's the case I'd say take it to another place for example a friends home, and try running it there. If it runs without any issues you know where the problem lies. If it gives you the same issues then I'd say its a motherboard wiring problem. But it could be the CPU except over the past 10 years I have NEVER seen a CPU simply die without a surge or some outside factor
  4. Thank you clutchc for your time. I am going to get that tester, never knew such things exist!

    I forgot to mention:

    1. I suspected faulty wiring and took the desktop to my workplace (where the wiring should be better), but the problem persisted.

    2. Am a little bad at remembering brandnames and models, but the PSU was not cheap (I know, costly =/= good, but I did spend a little extra to get a better one with much more output)

    3. I actually took the desktop to four different places, and right now its wired directly to my Inverter based UPS. Still gives me the same problems.

    Please excuse me for giving very poor details on the parts.

    Thank you, eggbrook & Proximon

    I am curious to get to the bottom of this!
  5. You're saying that when the computer is plugged into power sources at totally different locations, it still goes off when a light switch is toggled??

    Btw, if you suspect a bad PSU, you can either buy a multi-meter and test voltages with the PSU connected. Or you can go with a PSU tester like the ones below. They allow you to plug in all of the circuits from the PSU for bench testing.
  6. The fact that it starts after 20 minutes rest screams bad PSU. This is the cool down time usually for a PSU.

    But I can see how this might be a short also. Breadboarding the build might help diagnose that.
  7. It might also be your front power switch. You can take one out of an old build and hotwire it in place to try.

    A short suggested by proximon could also me the culprit. Your mobo could be heating up in certain areas and forming small stress cracks, which are common on cold soldered joints.
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