AMD Phenom ii x4 965 black or amd fx 4100 black?

Which one is better for gaming? I'm aiming to build a budget gaming rig and I'm not sure which to use. I've heard people swear by both of them so I'm wondering which one of them is the best and why?
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  1. 965 is a true quad core, 4100 is a dual module, pseudo quad core (80%) cpu.

    get the 965.
  2. +1
    get the 965
  3. Okay, thank you!
  4. +1 965
  5. What are you doing with this computer? Either way I would probably go with the 965. The 965 is a true quad core CPU and in most cases will out perform the Bulldozer especially in gaming.
  6. Hi :)

    Get the 1100T ...

    All the best Brett :)
  7. I have a AMD Phenom ii X2 555 unlocked to quad. And it plays Skyrim on max setting just fine. So i would buy the 965
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