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Hi I'm running 2 HD 5670s on crossfire and they're splendid! I, however, want an upgrade. My budget is around 150-200$ and I need a new grahpics card(s).

I want to play WoW on max (pretty much only game I play)

My current specs:

ASrock 970 Extreme 4 mobo
G Skill 8gb ram
AMD Phenom II x4 970 Black Edition
OCZ ZS Series 650W 80PLUS Bronze High Performance Power Supply
500gb HDD Hitachi
LG Dvd burner
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  1. for starters get what was offered and save for another one to do crossfire. Or spend more now and go for the HD 6950 or the GTX 560 ti.

    They are both about the same leaving the 6950 a tad faster. But prices depending on what brand and OC or not.

    It is about 50.00 dollars more than what your budget is. Everything on your specs will handle them just fine. Just food for thought and Good luck
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