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I'm running two 6950's and my display drivers keep crashing on me. Ive tried to roll back and install the regular 11.11 drivers but I keep getting crashes, primarily when the internet is involved, any ideas?
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  1. What make/model of power supply are you using? Also, are you overclocking anything?
  2. 1000w gold powersupply silent pro by cooler master and the i5 is up to 3.9 and the gpu's have the fan speed and memory over clocked.
  3. The first thing you do to determine a problem is remove your overclocks, especially video memory, that's probably unstable or overheating and causing crashing.
  4. ou can start by removing any overclocks and see if that helps. what is the exact error message you are getting? what browser are you using.... firefox?....that will cause crashes.
  5. I'm using e explorer for this post, but normally yea firefox, and I'll switch everything to default now and see what happens there, and thank you very much for the quick replies^^
  6. So you are saying that when you launch a web browser the drivers fail?

    It can be kinda weird. My ATI driver crash as soon a Windows is loaded. This started to happen two days ago. Other than recent virus defintion updates, some Windows updates last week and the installation of GTA 4 about 3 months, there has been no other changes.

    I notice no performance lag even when starting a game right after the crash.
  7. Jag

    I've had the same issue. I put a crossfire card in my Alienware M17X R2 and when I installed the drivers, it added this AMD HD Audio device that cause conflicts with my laptops sound card that caused the same issue, not booting into Windows with the drivers active. Safemode worked perfect. Once I disabled the AMD HD Audio device in Device Manager, everything has been peachy.

    Edit: Although, Windows Update keeps re-enabling the HD Audio device that is causing the conflict.

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