New build need some super quick advice please!

Okay so after weeks of waiting to get it figure it out. I think I'm finally buying my build this weekend. I just need some quick advice on my RAM and graphics card.

Final build: Trying to keep it around 750 and I don't wanna pass 800

i5 2500k $180
OCZ zs 750 W PSU $75
ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 $121 plus 7.87 shipping
Seagate Barracuda 500gb 7200 RPM $85
Rosewill Challenger U3 $50

My issue lies at the RAM and video card.

I'm between the 560ti and 560ti 448 core. I may be bale to get a 448 core for 220 and therefore I plan to but that and when it goes back down once the 600 series comes out get a second one for SLI. If I cant get it the 560 ti I found is 200. If I cannot get it for 220 is the difference in price really worth the 448 core?

This is the 560 ti thats $200

Then I'm between these two rams both are $40

1066 Cas 7 G.skill


1333 cas 9 G.skill

does the cas 7 make the 1066 better should i stick to the 1333 or is it really worth the price difference to find a 1600.

Last but not least is galaxy a reliable video card brand?

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  1. Buy that 1333Mhz RAM or for 4-5$ you can buy at 1600Mhz.
    Video card buy That EVGA or this Gigabyte
    Don't spend the money on 560Ti 448 cores better to add another 30-40$ and buy this EVGA 570
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