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I have a problem with the space between the cpu cooler and my gfx card.

I now have an asus maximus iv gene-z with a thermalright silver arrow cooler.

But the heatsink and fans are blocking the x16 2.0 lane just a little bit. (couple of mm)

Im using a GTX 275 now and running in x8 2.0 but I play FSX and my card will be replaced tomorrow by a GTX 570.

And I like to use the x16 2.0 lane cause of the big loss in FSX which is bigger then in other games when using a x8 lane.

When I fit in the GTX 275 the backpart of the gtx is touching the fans sides so the card is also not fitting perfect straight, it's bent a little bit but that is not a big problem i think?

Now the question is, is this a problem? can the heat of the card cause the fan to melt? Or is there a way to cover it ?

Sorry for my poor english.
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  1. Why do you mean by FSX?

    And no there won't be a big loss, only a couple FPS. Even with a GTX 570. My buddy has his GTX 580 on an x8 lane.

    If there is metal touching the circuit board of the graphics card that is very bad. I've seen cases where the metal clips come off of heatsinks on the cpu and land on the GPU and short the GPU out.
  2. Normally it is indeed just a loss of couple frames but it is proven that fsx is one the game where the difference can be as big as 15% or bigger cause fsx is using almost the full bandwith, especially on a gfx like a 560, 570, 580.

    The circuit board of the graphics card is not touching the heatsink but the fans which are more wide. Can the heat of the gfx melt the fan? Or can it be solft by putting electrical tape between it?
  3. Can I some links to this "proof" because that doesn't even make logical sense, what so ever.

    scroll down to FSX SP2 chart.

    Quote: These results confirm what we already saw on the ATI Radeon HD3850 card: Flight Simulator X heavily depends on PCI Express bandwidth. Reducing the x16 PCI Express 2.0 links to slower ones noticeably bottlenecks the simulator, as access to textures stored in the system main memory becomes far too slow.

    Ive also read it on other forums and they are also saying that the difference is bigger with the a high end card a 560, 570 for instance than with a gtx 275, 285.
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