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I have just assembled and ran my 1st new system, but am unfamiliar with the SSD and Linux.
My system:
Antec Ew 650
CORE I5 2500K
Corsiar XMS 8 GB
GIGA 6670 Graphics
M4 64 GB SSD

I need assistance setting this up to run properly. I intend on purchasing win 7 soon, but am anxious to learn Linux first. I mean Win 7 would probably load itself, but I want dual boot and to start with Linux first to learn it.
I Have loaded Ubuntu and have been able to use it on the web. My concern is setting up the BIOS and partitions for the SSD.
Does my system supposed to startup and go straight to ubuntu OS?
Partitions seem to be difficult for me to setup without understanding what I need. Help with that is needed.
Any links to where it may be setup and already explained?
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  1. The best way would be to wait for Windows. At that time, I would back up any files I wanted to keep, music, pictures, etc... Install Windows and let it wipe out Ubuntu. Once Windows is up and running, then reinstall Ubuntu either as standard dual boot, or install it inside Windows using the WUBI installer.

    This installs Ubuntu just like any other Windows program and if you decide to remove it, you simply go to the Windows Control Panel and tell it to remove it the same way you would any other Windows program. Works very well.
  2. Hello tlmk,
    Thanks for the assistance.
    My point is that I wanted to learn it and set it up independent. I can afford to get it, but havent done so yet since I was tinkering with the Linux.
  3. I am currently in school for Computer Networking and working on the Certification. Therefore, I would like to see it set up on the drive first. This way to learn it and not take the windows easy way out.
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    Will ubuntu (or whatever) not just install directly from the live CD?

    I installed Lucid Lynx on a low spec laptop a month ago and it did it all for me, the partitions and everything.

    It sounds like you want to install Linux (to the end of the drive?) and have it all up and running then set up a dual boot.......

    GParted is really easy to use, once Linux is running and there are loads of tutorials if you want to do something "unusual".....somebody will have done it.

    I've only ever dual booted on a PC already running windows. I've only single booted allowing Linux to do the work for me.

    Maybe you could install, mess around with the partitions and then re-install at a later date to a pre-specified partition at the end of the disk?
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