IB 3570K large temperture spread


In the last week, I built my PC rig and it perfectly functions fine. However, I'm slightly concerned about the my CPU temperature. Especially Core #3. Using HWmonitor


The 3570K is cooled by a CM Hyper212 R2 along with AS5 paste in a vertical line fashion. The cooler was tinted beforehand.
In "RealTemps", I'm getting readings of


I have already reseated my cooler twice and 100% sure the fan is pointed at the correct fashion based on pictures (fan blowing towards rear). At 100% load it core 3 runs near 78. I know it's not highly dangerous but wondering if it may be an issue in the future. I thought the paste hadn't set in yet so I waited a bit but I see no change. Opinions?
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  1. Ironically, the heatspreader on the IB sucks, they used cheap thermal goo, and as such they run hotter than Sandy Bridge, which uses a much higher quality ceramic based goo between the CPU die and heatspreader.

    So, long story short, just be damn glad you're not running stock cooler. There's no reason to think you didn't do everything correct, and due to this cheap-sh*t-ness by intel your CPU will run hot. You have a HIGH END CPU dude, expect it to run hot, and thanks to the sh*tty decision by Intel, don't expect to be able to overclock.


    Sorry Sunshine. Expect it to run HOT.
  2. ^ That's slightly incorrect and there's more too it, also.

    The thermal compound under the IHS IS an issue (they used fluxless solder for SB CPU's BTW), but lower surface area for heat dissipation because of the smaller die size is the biggest problem.

    Obviously, nothing can be done to fix that, so we're stuck with it. The 212 Evo SHOULD be able give you cooler temps than that, though, at stock speeds and voltage.

    A small OC to 4.2-4.3 should be theoretically possible with a 212 Evo on a 3570K without much issue, just don't expect 4.5+. For that, a Thermalright Silver Arrow or Noctua NH-D14 will be required, if not even custom water cooling (closed loop isn't worth it).
  3. Yea I think its also based on the luck of the draw in terms of the actual cpu. Im brand new to oc'ing and just got an 212 evo for my 3570k. I just oc'ed to 4.4 and get temps of about 29-35 C.
  4. Another factor that may also be a consideration is when heatpipes are parallel to the core, only 1-2 of them is actually going to be directly on top of the CPU die, other pipes are going to be touching the heat-spreader where there is nothing under it which leaves the middle of the CPU somewhat isolated from the heatsink. With heat pipes running perpendicular, 3-4 pipes are going to cross the CPU die which should improve heat transfer away from the die.
  5. Thanks for all of your inputs! The ivy bridge is a disappointment after a year of reading news. It's just too bad that my desktop died and I couldnt wait until Haswell.

    I'll look into my placement of the heatsink to be sure it's aligned correctly. I also thought my cpu is running warmer than it should with a 212. Perhaps I need to watch some youtube installation videos or some sort to 100% verify the correct installation.
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