Why the hell do they have to make windows 7 networking so hard?!

I am FOREVER having a hard time with windows 7 file and print sharing. First off, don't' even suggest the homegroup. I disable it for a reason. So, here is what is going on. Homegroup disabled on all 3 computers (One still thinks the homegroup is still there, but has not been rebooted, but to make life easier we will talk about the two that know there isn't one.)
Firewall disabled (Both windows and comodo to eliminate the posibility it is a firewall issue)
Settings on both computers as follows:
Under advanced sharing settings:
Turn ON network discovery, Turn ON file and print sharing, Turn ON network sharing so that anyone can access public folders (Want it off, but turned on for testing) Media Streaming OFF (The way I want it) Use 128 bit encryption (Only windows 7 machines will be accessing the files) Turn OFF password protected sharing, Use user accounts and passwords to connect to other computers.

The computers are unable to ping each other, with all firewalls and antivirus turned off.
Can someone give me a starting point, cause I am totally stumped here.
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  1. The first problem is they can't ping each other, which means its a network problem, not a win7 network problem. Get each machine to ping each other before condemming win7's network protocols.

    Do you have a router that provides the IP addresses to the computers, or are they just connected to each other with no other network hardware? Try setting up the IP on each computer. Set machine A to, machine B to machine C to etc. Subnet mask on each computer. Now see if you can ping from .1 to .2 and .3 Make sure each computer can ping the other two before continuing on with windows networking.
  2. Yes, the router is set up as a DHCP server, with the IP address of each computer in the routers reservation list. I will try that setting when I get home, but I do have some new information. Computer A and B, when they are moved to another network, and no other settings are changed, can see each other just fine.
  3. That sounds suspicious.

    Can you show us your ip/subnet info for those two computers? What error do you get when you try to ping the machines?
    Oh yes, and destination host unreachable.
    Oh, and I have also gone as far as to "exit" comodo firewall. However, as I stated before both computers at work, with firewall can see each other fine.
    Only difference is work IP is 192.168.1.X/
    All the computers are set to get the IP from the DHCP server however, so they do in fact have a 192.168.0.X/ IP at home. Will try setting the IP addresses now manually to the numbers you suggested outside the DCHP range of the router and post results when I get back online.
  5. Are both computers able to ping the router when using DHCP? Are you connecting wirelessly or hardwire? Are both computers able to access the internet simultaniously? What kind of router?

    I know I have alot of questions with few answers, but we're really into some weird networking where one setting somewhere can block the communication between PC's.
  6. Actually the problem ended up being the router! D-Link DIR-615 Hardware rev 1C, Firmware 3.10. Upgraded to 3.14, Everything is fixed. Was having the occasional connection issue as well. All is well now.
  7. That's kinda what I was thinking - Just in case anybody else stumbles onto this thread, were you wireless or wired?
  8. Wireless. I was also having a slew of other issues, mainly IP address issues. Computers that connected fine, and were assigned an IP address one day, were able to connect, but would not get assigned an IP address (Ended up with a 169.x.x.x)
    It SEEMED to solve that issue, however today it creeped up on one of my laptops. I will post back in a few days, just to keep all the information in one spot.
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