HIS HD 6850

I recently got an HIS HD 6850
my system specs are

Intel Pentium G620
Cooler Master Elite 600w PSU

the problem is the moment i play any game the system either shows garbage at start or it completely hangs up if u press alt f4 the system returns to windows saying that the graphics card driver has stopped working please advise
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  1. Did you have nvidia driver before that, if so you have to uninstall them completely.
    Your PSU should be efficient enough
    Last but not the least you could have a faulty GPU
  2. i did remove all my nvidia drivers infact i followed it with a fresh windows installation.
    as for GPU i got it changed and the problem persists in the new one as well. i did some searching they say it might be that an update is required on the gpu bios. but however i dont want to ruin the card by updating the bios.
    i did however asked HIS on this problem and seems that plenty of people are having trouble with 6850 series with BSOD.
    any further advices will be very appreciated.
  3. i tried to run 3D Mark and it gave the following error

    Workload work failed with error message: eva::d3d11::rendering::scene_renderer::render(): draw_unshadowed_illumination_task for thread 0: File: device_context.cpp
    Line: 515
    Function: struct ID3D11CommandList *__thiscall eva::d3d11::deferred_device_context::do_finish_command_list(bool)

    Expression: native()->FinishCommandList( restore_deferred_context_state, &result): DX11 call failed.

    Device hung due to badly formed commands.
    DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG: ID3D11DeviceContext::FinishCommandList:
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