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I'm re-doing a gaming build and I want to really go crazy with it. I5 2500k (already have it) dual GTX 680's and fully watercooled. The case I was looking at was the SilverStone TJ07. It's a full tower case so it's big but I've seen some pictures and the way it's set up it has alot of room for a four fan rad pump and all the other stuff that goes along with watercooling. The thing I'm unsure about is the removable motherboard tray. Does a removable motherboard tray allow for cable managment? If so can you post picures of how you did your cable managment. I've never had a case with a removable motherboard tray so I can't picture how you would do cable managment.
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  1. TJ7 is one of the greatest watercooling also has enough room and great cable management-
    but after all it's on you that how clever you are in terms of cables hiding.
  2. That looks cool and is helpful. I guess my point was does the removable motherboard tray allow for cable management or do you have to cut holes and mod the case (as it looked like they did in that picture.) If I have to do that I'm not crazy about that. I don't really know how.
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    yeah removable motherboard does help for cable management.first take out your motherboard tray,install your motherboard and stuff.then do the cable routing.if you want better(or near best) cable management then you have to do some modding.i don't think it hurts your case.
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