Would this rig run most games for the next 3-5 years well?

Hi, here are my specs;
i7 2500k,
Nvidia 560Ti (I'm not sure to go with 560 or 560Ti)
Cool master extreme power plus 700Watts
Kingston HyperX 8GB CL9 Ram limited edition
Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003 Hard Drive
Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3r 1155 socket.
And I do have a case (Phantom NZXT)
This will be my first build.

So will this rig be sturdy for 3-5 years? And should I get the 560 or the 560Ti?
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  1. Buy the 560Ti are better than 560 non Ti. The 560 is a rebranded 460.The PC will be good for gaming a few years. But you have the option to upgrade the video card for better gaming experience.
    You have a good build.
  2. Okay thanks! And thanks for the speedy quick reply! And I listed the 2500k as an i7 :s
  3. the 2500K is an i5 not i7, but the i5 2500K is what you want, do not get the i7 2600K.

    560ti is a good card, but not one for longevity, after a year or two you will either want a 2nd 560ti, or start kicking yourself for not purchasing a 570, and by 5 years you will likely want duel 570s (but then again, who knows about the future... it is 2012 after all lol).

    700W is plenty of power for 2 560ti's, but you will want 750W if you choose the 570 route.

    8GB of ram is plenty for the forceeable future. Dont worry about low CL ram as it makes no difference for games, and cheap ram will do just fine so long as it 1600Mhz, and even 1333 isn't going to be much of a penalty.

    I like seagate drives, too bad they are so expensive these days, but it will do the trick. Seriously consider an SSD when the budget allows for it. They will not help your FPS in games, but man does it make things snappy and fluid for load times!

    While I can find reviews on your mobo, I cannot seem to find a store that sells it. I would suggest looking at ASUS and ASRock as they have been doing very well for themselves lately. I personally have the extreme3 gen3 and am very happy with it, but there are some better boards out now for a similar or slightly higher price point.

    Phantom is a good case that gets great reviews, hope you enjoy it.

    CD drive should be any cheap drive $20 or less

    You may want a card reader (cannot remember off hand if one comes with the phantom case).

    You will want Win7 for the rig. Home premium is great for most people, but if you have an advanced network with a domain then you will want 7Pro instead of home.

    Keep in mind that Intel Ivy Bridge will be out very soon, as well as motherboards and chipsets to go with it. It will not be a huge performance increase over the current offerings, but there should be quite a few more features like PCIe3, more USB3 on cheaper boards, more SATA3 on cheaper boards, Lightpeak/thunderbolt, WiDi, and a few others. If those features don't appeal to you then don't worry about it, but if I was building now I would wait a little bit.

    We are also expecting nVidia to release their new GPUs soon, which could mean a beautiful price war between AMD and nVidia for some great sales/rebates on GPUs over the spring/summer, so again, if you can wait then you probably should.
  4. Thanks for the info! Yeah, I did make a spelling error when I called the 2500k a i7.

    I've lasted two years with a 335m laptop GPU. I think I will handle it with a 560Ti. I'm not bothered getting an SSD, too little storage room. I was thinking about Ivy Bridge but then I thought it could be a flop like AMD's bulldozer. So I skipped that thought. The other MoBos I checked out that were Z68s were pretty pricey.

    But thanks again for the great source of info!!!
  5. What is your monitor resolution? If it is less than 1080p than get 6870 not 560. If your monitor is 1080p get 6950(1GB) or 560Ti. But perhaps you should wait for Kepler and if it delivers. If rumors are true it will cause big price wars...good for us all.
  6. the cooler master "extreme" series get very poor reviews. I can't find one for the 700W,however its 12 volt rail is only rated 600W. all the ones I can find have horrible efficiency and can't meet their rated 12 V output. So probably a good bit less than 600W. I would avoid it.
  7. Okay, thanks! I picked the cheapest highest watt PSU. Guess that's a bad idea. And my soon to be monitor is 1080p. Apparently it has polarized 3D in it.
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