My power supply makes noise and i can't see anything on the screen

Hi everyone, I have a problem. Today, i was using my computer and I decided to restart because it was slowly. Anyway, before doing that, i cleaned a bit inside the case and then, after trying to restart the pc, the power supply started to make a noise. Not a noise like the speaker one, a different noise, and I realized that nothing was on the screen, but the flat screen was connected and was on. I believe that the problem is the power supply or the video card, but this is so weird! I need help, maybe from guys like you (: All the connectors to the mother are ok and I took the video card from the pci express port and I used the one from the motherboard but nothing changes. There is no cable in the power supply touching the fan, I don't know what's the problem, please help!

PD: Sorry for my bad english, I'm from Argentina
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  1. there anything powering up on your machine (like cpu fans, case fans) the machine beeping (im guessing not)

    3.pull out the graphics card, and plug into your integrated

    4.if you have a multimeter, find a molex cable, and plug the red lead into the slot that has the yellow cord running into it, and the black lead into one of the black ones, it should read no lower than 11.4V
  2. 1.The fans, the cpu, the card reader, the fan controller and the dvd/cd reader are on, but the power supply still making that noise and i can't see anything on the screen., it's not a beep, it's another noise.

    3.Already do that, it doesn't fix the problem

    4.I don't have a multimeter, so... yea :/
  3. do you have another system you could test it on?
  4. no :/
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    it could be dirt in the fan or a bad cap in the power supply. i would start by seeing if you had a vacume or canned air or something that blew air and see if any dust comes out of the power supply. =if there no dust in the ps power up the pc and with a plastic pen stop the power supply fan if the noise stops it a bad fan in the ps. if it still humms then the ps failed.
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