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I wish we could get this stickied.
Most of the Issues you will see with cyberpower are related to the Xtreme gear branded or the cyber power branded PSUs.
If you are going to order from them or actually any company that assembles PC's make sure you research all the components you wish to use.
You need to think of it this way .
1. They will use the components that you specify.
That being said if you order a cut rate components it will be built using those.
2. Never ever skimp on the PSU
It is the heart of the system.
3. Most people read up on the video specs or memory or the cpu,
heck even the cooling systems but then try to save a few bucks or not pay attention to the Power Supply Unit.

That is about 90% of what the Cyberpower sucks or watch out for cyber power posts are about
The other 10% are various issues such as things were not seated when the system arrived
or something was missing or broken or issues with getting a hold of customer support.
You also have to remember shipping is very rough on a computer system even with quality packaging.
So the first thing to do would be to open up the system and make sure its all there.
Then makes sure its all hooked up correctly and nothing is blocking anything such as fan movement or various things.
If any thing is questionable get a hold of them right away don't wait you have a very small window to get things done if there is an issue.
If at all possible take picture of the system if you have an issue or even when you are opening the box up for the first time.
Take pictures of the box are there dents or holes if so make sure you note this with the delivery company before they take off.
This is by no means a list of everything you should do but it is a start.

You need to think of it this way if you were able or could have built it yourself and you used a cheap part
then who would you blame.
Cyberpower is an assemby and parts company not a bunch of engineers that sit around and make sure what you
what you ordered is the best.

Any company that just assembles systems will use what you tell them.
All it takes is a little reading and research.
Also remember most people do not take the time to post if they get what they expect and have no issues
Most posts are complaints as people want to have an outlet for feeling let down or ripped off.
I am not saying cyberpower is faultless in these as if they did not list xtreme gear or the cyber power parts as an option I am sure their customer satisfaction would go up significantly.
Just my opinion. As I have 3 systems from them and I also bought my parents a system from them and have not had any issues.
In closing never use the xtreme gear or cyberpower branded parts in these builds.
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  1. So, do you think it's worth it to pay for the extra safe packaging? (I can't remember exactly what it's called)
  2. Actually yes as it puts expanding foam insert into the inside of the case and that keeps cards from moving around inside. it also gets you a double box it at least did on the last system we got.
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