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Last Check for advice before I buy

As the title says, I'm looking for any last minute changes and a few significant questions before I commit to the purchase, this is my first build, I've done 30+ hours of research and I am really nervous about spending this much money (I am a college student, my first big ticket item purchase). So any tips would be greatly appreciated. PS Sorry, this is like my third post on this build with only a few minor changes.

Approximate Purchase Date: This monday, given that the parts dont go over the 950ish mark.

Budget Range: 950ish could go a little higher, but thats my gas money lol

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, music, internet browsing, all that, simultaneously.

Parts Not Required: Keyboard, mouse.

Case:NZXT Phantom

PSU: (I know its pricey, but I got a good deal since it came with the case.)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Whatever gets me the best deal, im really looking to scrape any extra cash I can.

Country: US

Parts Preferences: Intel, the I5-2500k is just too good to pass up. Leaning towards Nvidia, just because i've been told their driver support is better, and SLI is better then Crossfire, and I plan on doing dual card setup in the future

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: Yes when I can afford a 2nd card

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080, possible dual monitors in the future

Additional Comments: Pretty much want BF3 on high-ultra maxxed out at atleast 40 fps, thats my end goal. PS before i get flamed for people saying more VRAM is useless at this point, its only a extra 40 or so dollars and you never know what crazy game might be around the corner that 1gb vram gets bottlenecked at, however im still very open to suggestions. Thank you.


CPU Cooler:Cooler Master hyper 212

RAM:Crucial Ballistix DDR3 1600 (is there a benefit to a higher Speed?)

MOBO:ASROCK Z68 Extreme gen3 LGA 1155

GPU: This is the one where im stumped, i cant tell if its worth it to get the factory overclock or save 50 bucks and try for it myself. I'm pretty set on the MSI Twin frozr II 2gb 560 TI, I've looked into Radeon 6950's but they are as far as i can tell more expensive and their increase in frames is very small over the 560. Not to mention if SLI is really as good as i've been told, then it would definitely be smart to side with nvidia. However I'm completely open to suggestions, especially when it comes to saving money in this area, as its right now the most expensive part of my computer.

MSI- 560 TI 2GB factory OC (What I currently plan on getting)

XFX- Radeon 6950 2GB, Cheapest I could find, Non-overclocked and a tich more expensive, also no dual fans for cooling
However the Radeon has been raved about by alot of forums.

SSD:OCZ Agility- Just enough to boot windows and a few core programs, which is all i want it for


Thanks for all your help!
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    Its a verry good build. Video card buy what you want more because 560Ti and 6950 perform almost the same.
  2. however I believe crossfire with the 6950s scales better than SLI
  3. What operating system are you going to use? You don't have 1 listed :P I also do not see a monitor.
  4. Operating system: Standard, didnt really think about it

    I took the monitor and SSD off my wish list cause im not sure if thats gonna put my over my budget :( I have a REALLY old lcd monitor lying around that i can use for the time being, though its resolution is awful.

    Monitor: There were two really good deals I was looking at
  5. If you are playing on one monitor at or below 1080p, get the 1gb 560ti.
  6. @azeem40 for the extra cash, id like to keep the option of dual monitor setup open, though it is tempting

    @sosofm Thats a nice monitor with built in speakers which is really nice, i've never heard of the brand though, do you know if their customer service is good?
  7. I don't know i don't live in US. You can read some of the customers reviews to see what they say.
  8. Ok thanks all very much!
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