First timer Build, System turns on but no Display

Hey guys, I posted before on a motherboard problem but that was resolved. Now I have a Graphics card problem.... I think

I'm using the EVGA GeForce GTX 580 card on my Maximus IV Gen3 motherboard.

Heres the other components I listed from my previous thread:

Ok when I turn on the PC, the motherboard runs fine (I think) since the LEDs starts to light up and everything and the fans also run properly. The only problem is there is no display. I looked carefully at the graphics card and I don't feel the fan in the graphics card running. How do I test for such a problem? I know I have the 6 Pin Connector connected to the PSU as well as the given PCIE 8 pin connector (Not the other connector that the manual warns me not to use). The video card is surely locked in properly into its slot.

Any suggestions?

Btw I followed the checklist that the forum provided me with and still nothing >.>
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  1. make sure the gpu is connected properly, eg when you slot it in you can hear a click
  2. ^Ok I just did that, one of the Connectors wasn't completely locked in. Now the GPU fan spins for only a couple of seconds when I turn on the power. Is the PSU not giving enough power? Is the GPU somehow short circuiting like my Motherboard did?
  3. what brand psu? how many watts?
  4. ^It be the Corsair HX850

    The Graphics card only takes up somewhere between 500-600 W I believe p.O
  5. yea you got plenty of power i got a gtx 580 SC and a corsair 850 too. The fan not staying on is odd. If your 100% sure its locked in and connected and its the only thing not working then im guessing you got something wrong with your card. If it was the psu it wouldnt effect just the card it would effect everything. But since everything else seems to be running doesnt sound like the psu. where did you buy the card from? if its new egg i would RMA the card, and powersupply just to be safe.
  6. ^Yep I got it from Newegg

    Hmmm I guess I woudl have to RMA it but heres the weird, whenever I turn on the motherboard, I never get any BEEP sounds. Isn't the motherboard supposed to POST every time you turn it on?

    Maybe a possible connection to why the graphics card isn't working?
  7. depends on if your case has a speaker. Mine doesnt so i dont get a beep, when i turn it on. You can buy one for like 10 bucks.
  8. neal0790 said:
    depends on if your case has a speaker. Mine doesnt so i dont get a beep, when i turn it on. You can buy one for like 10 bucks.

    Well this is my case.

    I have no clue if it does have speakers. Again I am not very pretty on the side of building PCs, making software however proves my expertise.

    Anyways I appreciate your feedback
  9. i got the antec 1100, most likely you just didnt get a speaker with your case. This is what it might look like incase they gave you one with the antec and your just forgot to plug it in
  10. ^Yeah I didn't get speakers.

    I guess my video card is possibly a problem... But honestly the Video card fan problem was the same situation with my motherboard before I realized it was getting short circuited.
    So there is no possibly way for my Video card to get short circuited by any means because of the fan spinning for a short amount of time?

    <-- Don't know much about hardware, so expect horrible questions like above.
  11. i mean its hard to figure out your situation with out actually seeing it in action. It could be a number of things for all i know it could be your motherboard thats still giving you problems but you seem to have gotten that issue fixed. All in all i think your best bet to start is by RMA your video card and getting a replacement and see if the problem exists. Up to you if you want to RMA your powersupply too, just in case you plug your card back in and it gives you the same issue atleast you will know its not the powersupply too. Plus it will give you a chance to rewire everything to double check everything is hooked up right.
  12. ^I tried the Paper clip test with the PSU and it ran fine. So Im pretty sure there nothing wrong with it, but thats just me. I'm still iffy about the motherboard because theres alot of things on it and any of them could fail. I just know it lights up fine.

    So yeah it all comes down to the Video Card. Time to figure out how to RMA =D
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    yeah just return the card get a new one and see if the problem is still there. I also have a ASUS motherboard and it was pretty much plug and play for me when i built my computer. Just make sure you plug your hdmi/dvi cable into the graphics card not the motherboard. I dont know why but i cant get video from my ASUS motherboard though the onboard HDMI port. It makes me use the graphics card mini-hdmi. Ive read a few more people having the issue but its not a big deal for me. Good luck man. Post again once you get the new card if you still have any issues.
  14. ^Ill be sure to and thanks for you help
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